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The City of Dallas is committed to economic progress and to being a helpful and enthusiastic partner in the development process. The Office of Economic Development has four groups designed to help you take advantage of the full spectrum of city programs and services. Let their expertise help you understand how your business can flourish by accessing what the City has to offer.

Area Redevelopment
Business Development
    Brownfields Program
    Public Private Partnership
Small Business Initiatives
    Small Business Assistance
South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Program



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This program uses Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIFs) and Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) to enhance infrastructure and services for neighborhoods primarily in and around downtown. These financial contributions are used to make development projects financially feasible, to enhance basic infrastructure and services, and to encourage developers to invest in these neighborhoods. The result is increased property values for residential and commercial properties alike.

Click here to see a map of all seven TIF Districts.
Click here to see a map of all five PID Districts.
TIF Application (.pdf file)
More Area Redevelopment information

Area Redevelopment Contacts
Karl Stundins
Area Redevelopment Program Manager
Dorcy Clark
City Center TIF, Downtown PID and Downtown Retail Initiative
Stan Prichard
Oak Cliff Gateway TIF, Cityplace TIF, Prestonwood PID
and Deep Ellum PID
Sue Hounsel
State-Thomas TIF, Farmer´┐Żs Market TIF, Uptown PID
and Vickery Meadows PID
Potential New TIF Districts
Bryan Haywood
Cedars TIF and Sports Arena TIF
Sajid Safdar
TIF/PID accounting, financial statements and payments and billing
David Levitan
Potential New TIF Districts

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The Business Development Program assists business and industry leaders to identify investment and growth opportunities in Dallas. The program's goal is to create and retain jobs for City residents while enhancing the City's tax base by fostering a diverse and thriving local economy. To encourage new and expanding firms to operate in Dallas, in accordance to City Council policy, the division oversees the City's Public/Private Partnership Program. In accordance to City Council policy, this program provides business incentives in the form of tax incentives, infrastructure cost participation, development fee rebates, and right of way abandonment rebates/credits.

City of Dallas Public/Private Partnership Program
State of Texas Incentives

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Brownfields Program
The Brownfields Program is dedicated to revitalization of abandoned, idled or underused commercial and industrial properties with real or perceived environmental contamination. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the City of Dallas have established a partnership to assist developers and business and property owners who are interested revitalizing brownfields sites. The Program provides assistance with redevelopment by coordinating the Brownfields Forum, a quarterly stakeholder meeting; conducting problem-solving meetings among developers, regulators (state and federal), and City development and permit staff; and providing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for selected eligible properties.

Links for Smart Growth information
Brownfields site map
Environmental Concerns in Dallas

More Brownfields information

Brownfields Contact
Ann Grimes
Brownfield program coordinator, environmental site assessments

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Public/Private Partnership Program
Dallas has an impressive public/private partnership program to attract corporate relocations and expansions. Tax abatements, infrastructure cost participation, development fee rebates and freeport tax exemption are examples of how the City of Dallas can participate in reducing costs for investors. The levels of incentives vary with the location, size and economic impact of the project, and whether the project is located in an Enterprise Zone.

Public/Private Partnership Incentive Information
Process for Business Incentives (pdf file)
City of Dallas Public Private Partnership application:
          MS Word file or Acrobat pdf file
Public/Private Partnership Program Guidelines & Criteria (pdf file)
Public/Private Partnership Program Summary for Non-Residential Projects (pdf file)
Annual Compliance Process (pdf file)
List of Active Tax Abatement Agreements (pdf file)
Example Tax Abatement Contract (pdf file)
"Let's Talk Business" Brochure Describing Incentives Available in Dallas (pdf file)

Dallas Enterprise Zone Information (pdf file)
Enterprise Zone/Commercial Zone Map - 1990 Census Tracts (pdf file)
1990 Census Tracts (pdf file)
2000 Enterprise Zone Map (pdf file)
2000 Census Tracts (pdf file)
Determine the Census Tract and Block Group (U.S. Census Bureau web site)

Business Development Contacts
Hammond J. Perot
Assistant Director, Business Development

Helena Stevens
Business Development Manager
Marilyn Avinger
Senior Coordinator
David Simmons
Senior Coordinator, Business Expansion and Retention Program

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This program works with neighborhood associations and community based organizations to improve economic conditions in Southern Dallas. By providing aide to entrepreneurs, the Small Business Initiatives Program acts to aid small and/or minority businesses in the area. The program also supports the community's six Business Assistance Centers (funded by Community Development Block Grants), which improve the quality of life for residents of target communities by offering job training, counseling and technical assistance.

CDBG Application FY2006-07 (Microsoft Word document)

Business Assistance Centers

Texas Secretary of State

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Small Business Assistance
The Office of Economic Development offers assistance to small businesses. The Small Business Assistance program was created to help current and potential business owners access local resources, and help them get their businesses off the ground. Entrepreneurs can obtain referrals to appropriate technical assistance providers, lending institutions and other small business programs.

Small Business Initiatives Contacts
Keisha Ward
Economic Development Analyst
Reginald Boudreaux
Franchises, Small Business, CDBG programs
Francisco Carrillo
Small Business counselor, se habla espanol

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This program targets community development in the 25 square mile area surrounding Fair Park roughly bounded by I-30, Dolphin Rd., Lamar and the Trinity River bottoms. Currently, there are three Trust Fund programs: a commercial loan program for businesses, a grant program for nonprofit organizations, and a challenge grant program for Fair Park neighborhood groups and associations.
The trust fund also coordinates with Dallas' six Business Assistance Centers. Please note that while applications for the Commercial Loan program are accepted year-round, grant applications must be obtained from the SD/FPTF office, located in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center. Resident organizations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations which are located in Census Tracts 25, 27.01, 27.02, 28, 29, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39.01, 39.02 and 40 are eligible to apply for the programs of the Trust Fund. To see if your business or organization is located in the Trust Fund service area, please visit the Census Bureau Web site and enter your address or call (214) 670-8268.

Community-based Nonprofit Grant Application (MS Word file)
Community-based Nonprofit Grant Budget Form  (MS Excel file)

South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Commercial Loan Application
   (PDF file)

South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Target Area
   (This is a PDF file and takes a few seconds to load.)

South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Contacts
Leo Barron Hicks
South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund Manager

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