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In Dallas, the development process is a successful, worthwhile experience for both developers and citizens alike. Dallas has a long history of prosperity and cooperation between the public and private sector, resulting in the title of "best place for business in North America" according to Fortune magazine. And there will be even more room for development - Outlook magazine says that Dallas is among the top 25 cities in the nation for business expansion and relocation opportunities. Read what others have said about Dallas.

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The City of Dallas has created a printable guide to the development process. It contains comprehensive information on how to relocate and/or expand your business operations in Dallas. In it you will find guidelines on everything from building permits to zoning change requests, as well as a general directory of city departments involved in the development process. The guide is in the process of being updated, so please check back for revised editions.

For in-depth information on a specific aspect of the development process, please visit our links page, which contains over one thousand links in the categories listed above.

If you still cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development at 214.670.1685

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